Professional Bodies & Organisations

Professional Bodies & Organisations
Web Site Link
The Association for Geographical Information (AGI) AGI
The Institute of Engineering & Techology IET
The Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers IEEE
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers I Mech E
The Institution of Chemical Engineers IChemE
The Institution of Civil Engineers ICE

Technical Help

There are uncounted web sites that offer technical help. Some focus on specific products, others on application programming interfaces (APIs). Some are more general and deal with a wide topic, such as Windows™ programming.

LA Solutions does not endorse or recommend any of the sites listed here, nor do we claim that they are a substitute for a formal support contract. However, we have found them useful ourselves from time to time.

LINQPad: The Ultimate C# / F# / VB Scratchpad

LINQPad LINQPad is a valuable tool for .NET developers. LINQPad lets you test fragments of VB.NET or C# code. Cut-and-paste a code statement or fragment into LINQPad for instant code validation and testing.

General Programming Topics


Web Site Link
Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) MSDN
The Code Project Code Project Code Project
Stack Overflow Stack Overflow Stack Overflow
VisualBasicTutorial.NET VisualBasicTutorial.NET

Visual Basic for Applications

Visual Basic
Web Site Link
Code Guru Code Guru Code Guru
The Code Project Code Project Code Project
Help Technology Center Help Technology Center
Karl E. Peterson's One-Stop Source Shop Karl Peterson
Microsoft VB6 Resource Centre VB6 Resource Centre
MZ-Tools MZ-Tools for VB and VBA MZ-Tools for VB and VBA
Programmer's Heaven Programmer's Heaven Programmer's Heaven
The VB Zone The VB Zone
Xtreme VB Talk Xtreme VB Talk Xtreme VB Talk
Visual Basic User Group VBUG appears to be defunct: let me know if I'm wrong!

C & C++
Web Site Link
C and C++ C/C++ Users Journal
GotW Guru of the Week: Herb Sutter
EIGEN Eigen C++ template library for linear algebra Eigen Silly Professor
CGAL The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library CGAL Logo
Code Guru Code Guru
InnovoCAD's Visual Tools for MicroStation Visual Studio Marketplace: Visual Tools for MicroStation
Microsoft Developer Network MSDN
Programmer's Heaven Programmer's Heaven
The Code Project Code Project Code Project
The Standard Template Library (STL) STL Introduction


Web Site Link
Code Guru Code Guru
Matrix Algebra The Mathematics of the 3D Rotation Matrix
Microsoft Developer Network MSDN
Programmer's Heaven Programmer's Heaven
The Code Project Code Project Code Project

Text Editors

A programmer's editor typically lets you edit multiple files of monospaced text. They may include features such as keyword highlighting, syntax colouring, regular expression searching, and file searching. There are many programmer's editors: there's a summary of text editors at WikiPedia. Two editors that we've happily used are TextPad ™ and CodeWright ™. Notepad++, UltraEdit and Zeus have also been recommended.

If you are familiar with Unix text editors, such as vi and emacs, then you may find vim to your liking.

Microsoft's Visual Studio ™ can be useful, especially if you're writing a C++ DLL for MicroStation®. It provides a C++ compiler and linker that can also be used with Bentley make (bmake) files. Visual Studio Express ™ is currently a free download from Microsoft.

There's the freeware XML Notepad. You can use a plain old text editor for creating & editing XML files (you did know that XML is plain text, didn't you?), but dedicated editors can do a better job and make your life easier. In particular, an XML editor can usually pretty print the XML to make it easier for you (a human) to read.

Programmers' Editors
Web Site Link
Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code Site
Notepad++ Notepad++ Web Site
TextPad Helios Web Site Helios website for TextPad
UltraEdit IDM Computer Solutions, Inc UltraEdit
vim vim online vim online
Visual Studio Express Microsoft Web Site Microsoft Visual Studio Express
Zeus Zeus Web Site Xidicone Pty Ltd website for Zeus

TextPad is useful as a general-purpose text editor. It handles huge files very well, and lets you edit multiple files simultaneously. It's good for MicroStation configuration files, and there's a syntax colour file available.

TextPad™ Editing a MicroStation Configuration File
TextPad Syntax Colouring for Configuration File

MicroStation®, Bentley Map & GeoGraphics™

MicroStation®, Bentley Map & GeoGraphics™
Web Site Link
Bentley Technology Partner Bentley Systems
BE Community BE Communities
Advanced Integrated Solutions Advanced Integrated Solutions
isisst project techology isisst project techology
Team uStation AB Home of InfoSnap UK and Ireland User Group
Micro-Press Micro-Press: MicroStation 2D & 3D training manuals, videos, and internet training courses
Ask Inga Ask Inga: Your MicroStation Therapist

XML, SVG, XSD, XSLT, XQuery & XPath

Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Web Site Link
W3C Extensible Markup Language
World Wide Web Consortium SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
Altova XMLSpy Development Tool
Microsoft XML: download MSXML4 & MSXML6 from here MSDN XML Development Center
XML Notepad: download XML Notepad from here XML Notepad
Gallery of Stupid XSL and XSLT Tricks Stupid XSL and XSLT Tricks

Relational Databases

Relational Databases
Web Site Link
SQLite SQLite Home
Microsoft SQL Server™ SQL Server Home
Microsoft SQL Server™ SQL Server Programming Forum
Microsoft SQL Server™ SQL Team.COM
Microsoft Access™ MS Access Technical Support
Microsoft Access™ Access Technical Articles
Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) ADO Home Page
The Code Project ADO Connection Strings Code Project
Oracle Corporation Oracle Home
Oracle Corporation Oracle Technology Network

Devon Art

We enjoy visiting Devon Open Studios.

Somerset Art

We enjoy visiting Somerset Open Studios.

Some of our promotional material uses art created by Nancy Farmer, an artist in Somerset, England. Visit her website to see more of Nancy's art.

Nancy Farmer Art