TagDefRenamer is a tool developed by LA Solutions for Bentley Systems' MicroStation V8i. It lets you perform editing and batch modification of MicroStation tag set definitions.


TagDefRenamer works with MicroStation V8i SS3 and SS4. It is not available for MicroStation CONNECT. See MicroStation help for more information about tags and tag definitions.

The Problem

There are times when you may need to modify tag definitions to conform to external application requirements. For example, you may want your MicroStation tags to be compatible with Excel named ranges.

A problem arises when you need to redefine tags, even more so when you need to redefine tags in multiple DGN files.

MicroStation's built-in tag definition tools work on the active file. They don't provide any way to modify tag definitions in multiple files.

The Solution

TagDefRenamer is designed to help you redefine tags. In either or both these cases, TagDefRenamer will …

  1. Process all definitions in a named tag set
  2. Process tag sets in multiple DGN files

Example Requirement

You want to exchange title block data between MicroStation and Excel. You have chosen to use a tag set in MicroStation and want each tag to update from a named range in your Excel workbook.

Your tags are named 001_tag_name, 002_tag_name, etc. Early on in your project you discover that Excel range names cannot begin with a digit. But you already have hundreds of tags, in several DGN files, that are named incorrectly (from Excel's point of view).

TagDefRenamer provides help! It's easy to prefix each tag definition name with a suitable character. For example, an underscore is a valid character to begin an Excel range name. You can change the above tag definition names to _001_tag_name, _002_tag_name, etc.

TagDefRenamer can perform more complex editing than the above example. It includes several ways to perform edits, including the use of regular expressions for complex search-and-replace requirements.

How to Obtain TagDefRenamer

TagDefRenamer is freeware. That is, we grant you a zero-cost license to use TagDefRenamer. Send us a message via this e-mail  enquiry form .


The source code of TagDefRenamer is not available.