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QR Generator QR Generator is a tool developed by LA Solutions for Bentley Systems' MicroStation®. It lets you add a QR Code to a DGN model. The QR matrix is constructed from MicroStation vector graphics elements. Consequently, you can scale it to whatever size you want and print it with perfect rendition.

QR Generator works with MicroStation V8i and later. This is a 32-bit product. A 64-bit version is available for MicroStation CONNECT.


You can read an overview of QR Codes at Wikepedia. There is more detail at QR

Image Quality

The QR Code is constructed from MicroStation vector graphics elements. Here's an example DGN model. You probably want to adjust your MicroStation view settings so that Fill is on, otherwise you'll see a grid of empty squares.

Because the QR matrix is drawn using vector graphics, the image quality of the QR Code is consistently high. You can print from your DGN model in one of the formats supported by MicroStation's printing sub-system, including PDF, JPEG, PNG and many others.

Message Length

A QR Code conveys a text message of a maximum length. The length depends on three factors …

QR Generator Components

QR Generator is delivered in several components for maximum flexibility …

  1. QR Generator ActiveX component
  2. QR Adapter for MicroStation VBA
  3. MicroStation VBA Client
QR Generator Component Relationships

QR Generator

The QR Generator accepts a text string and encodes it as a QR grid. The QR Generator works with the current settings of Error Correction, Encoding and Version to product the appropriate encoding.

The QR Generator is a COM component, supplied as a Windows DLL file. It is built with .NET and can be a server for either a COM or .NET client.

The QR Generator is a licensed product.

QR Adapter

The QR Adapter for MicroStation is an interface between the QR Generator and a MicroStation client, typically a VBA macro. The QR Adapter accepts QR settings and passes them on to the QR Generator. It also accepts MicroStation settings, such as colour and level, and uses those when creating the QR symbol. The QR Adapter handles the data exchange with the QR Generator to interpret the QR grid as MicroStation graphic elements. Put more simply, you give the QR Adapter some text, tell it where to put the QR symbol, and that's it!

The QR Adapter is a licensed product.

MicroStation VBA Client

The VBA client gathers the information necessary to create and place a QR symbol, and passes it to the QR Adapter. For example, you may want to encode a web page address (URL) as a QR code on a DGNsheet model. A user can subsequently scan the QR symbol on a printed drawing using a SmartPhone, Tablet or similar device. The SmartPhone recognises the URL and takes the user to your web page to learn more about the printed drawing.

Evaluate QR Code

QR Generator is a customisable product. We can offer a QR Code for evaluation. Send us the text that you want encoded, and we'll return a DGN model with your QR Code. You can place it in your own DGN drawing and test the result.

Request QR Code for Evaluation

Request QR Generator


QR Generator will be a licensed product.