Plot Composer has evolved over more than a decade to become a versatile tool for MicroStation®, Bentley Map® and GeoGraphics™ users. Use Plot Composer to place one of a set of border cells on your drawing. Plot Composer takes care of clipping reference models to your border's inner neat line, and creates a fence ready for printing from your border's trim line.

Plot Composer's Drawing Composition in Context

Plot Composer includes AutoText™ that updates automatically. You can specify standard AutoText keywords, such as date and scale. You can specify your own AutoText keywords that are substituted with the value of a configuration or environment variable. You can specify AutoText keywords that a user can update in Plot Composer's dialog box.

Plot Composer's Dialog

Plot Composer lets you add a scalebar to your composed plot. A scalebar is really a misnomer for a ruler, to give your plot's recipients an idea of the true dimensions of your drawing.

You can use Plot Composer as-is or you can substitute another user interface using, for example, VBA. You can design a VBA UserForm that provides a custom plot interface for your organisation.

Q What Bentley products does Plot Composer work with?

A Plot Composer works with MicroStation V8i and Bentley Map. It works with older Bentley products including MicroStation V8 2004 Edition and GeoGraphics 2004 Edition.

Q How do I get hold of Plot Composer?

A The Plot Composer ™ MDL application is licensed. However, you can download the product for evaluation and non-production testing. We provide a Windows installation that includes example data for use with MicroStation.

Complete the enquiry form. You will be directed to a page where you can download the installation.