MicroStation users frequently ask for features that we have implemented in FlexiTable. FlexiTable can acquire data from a DGN model, or multiple DGN models. These include …

MicroStation Data Sources

FlexiTable can acquire data from your MicroStation DGN model or multiple models.

You can instruct FlexiTable to scan one or more DGN files and one or more models in a DGN file for various types of data.

Graphic Elements

FlexiTable formats a worksheet and populates it with information specific to each data type …

When acquiring graphic element data, you can filter your search by one or more levels.

FlexiTable records the file & model that contains an element, its level name and its element ID.

FlexiTable worksheet
FlexiTable: Data Acquired from a DGN Model

There is more information about MicroStation data sources in FlexiTable's help documentation.

Cells and Models

FlexiTable Cell Harvest

Reference Attachments


FlexiTable can create a level legend for you.

Intersections between MicroStation Elements

Intersecting Elements

FlexiTable finds intersections between linear elements. If you have acquired data about linear elements, you can tell FlexiTable to compute their intersection points. You can calculate both real and extended intersections.

Intersection Calculations

You can annotate each intersection in MicroStation graphics with a label or other marker.

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