FlexiTable™ is a tool developed by LA Solutions for Bentley Systems' MicroStation® V8 and PowerDraft® V8.

FlexiTable works with MicroStation V8i, up to version SS10. FlexiTable CONNECT Edition is in development. FlexiTable also works with PowerDraft V8 2004 Edition and later.

FlexiTable for MicroStation V8i provides features that are not available with earlier versions. MicroStation V8 2004 Edition — for example, does not provide Color Management.

FlexiTable provides several primary functions shown in the tables below. The term DGN refers to a MicroStation design file …

Data Acquisition Graphics Creation
CAD Administration Data Editing
Data Sources Import/Export Formats

FlexiTable Step-by-Step

Step by Step

In addition to the formal FlexiTable help, we have written some less formal step-by-step guides . These illustrate ways to handle tasks that are frequently requested.

FlexiTable Help

Get FlexiTable Help

When you install FlexiTable, you receive a copy of the help documentation. Help is delivered as a Microsoft HTML Help (*.chm) file, which is the current standard help for Windows operating systems.

The location of the help file depends on the operating system. You can find the location of several special folders using FlexiTable's menu Help|Environment. The Help|Environment|Special Folders menu pops the Special Folders dialog …

Help Environment Special Folders menu

I you would like to take a look at FlexiTable help before downloading, or if you just want a copy, you can download a ZIP archive that contains FlexiTable help in HTML help format. Unpack the archive and copy FlexiTable.chm to a convenient location.

If you are having trouble viewing FlexiTable.chm, you can download a ZIP package that contains the original HTML files and images used to create the help file.


You can request FlexiTable™ for evaluation or purchase. You must purchase one or more licenses for production use. Click the relevant FlexiTable version link for the version of MicroStation that you are using …

FlexiTable for MicroStation XM and MicroStation V8 2004 Edition is supported only for existing customers.

After you click one of the above links, you will see a form that you should complete with your contact details. When you have completed the form, you will be redirected to another web page. You can then download a ZIP file containing the FlexiTable MDL application for MicroStation.