DGN Chronographer™ is a tool developed by LA Solutions for Bentley Systems' MicroStation® V8i. It helps you to manage and visualise changes in your CAD drawings. DGN Chronographer

When you create or modify an element in a MicroStation DGN model, MicroStation applies a time stamp. The element time stamp contains the current date and time, obtained from your computer's clock. You can see the last modified date in MicroStation's Element Information dialog. MicroStation's Design History makes use of that time stamp.

DGN Chronographer provides a means to sort and filter elements chronologically. That is, it compares an element's time stamp with a given date or time, then builds a list of elements sorted by the time stamp. It collects elements, applying your chronological filter to each element. You choose what element history is interesting by setting that filter. You instruct DGN Chronographer what action to take with its collection. For example, you can add each element to a MicroStation Named Group or selection set. You can cause each element to be resymbolised (displayed in new symbology, such as a distinct colour). You can write a list of elements to an external file to be analysed elsewhere.

Tools & Features

DGN Chronographer provides various ways of selecting elements by last modified date. The user interface lets you create a chronological filter to find …

  1. Elements modified in a recent period (yesterday, last week, last month)
  2. Elements modified before a specified date
  3. Elements modified between two dates
  4. Elements modified after a specified date
DGN Chronographer

Once you've chosen a filter, the Scan button instructs DGN Chronographer to look through your DGN model and examine each element's time stamp. If the time stamp passes the filter, then what happens next depends on your Action setting. If the specified Action is …

DGN Chronographer Actions
Action Description
Create Selection Set Each element is added to MicroStation's selection set
Create Named Group Each element is added to a MicroStation Named Group
Resymbolise Each element's appearance is changed to your requirements; the change may be temporary or permanent
Text Report Details of each element are written to an XML file
DGN Report A copy of each element is written to a new DGN file

DGN Chronographer works with MicroStation V8i.

Request DGN Chronographer

Request DGN Chronographer

Visit the download page to register your interest in Chronographer and download the installer.

DGN Chronographer is freeware. There is no license fee. However, you may not give, sell or lend DGN Chronographer to any other party. You may not purport DGN Chronographer to be of any provenance other than LA Solutions Ltd. You can request DGN Chronographer using the link above.

DGN Chronographer is available only for recent versions of MicroStation V8i.

MicroStation CONNECT

DGN Chronographer is not available for MicroStation CONNECT. If you think that it should be made available, please contact us using the contact link on the page footer.

MicroStation Design History

MicroStation includes Design History (DH) functionality. Design History lets you create waymarks in your DGN file that store the state of the file at a given time. DGN Chronographer is not a substitute for DH: it's purely a reporting tool.