MasterPlanner™ Boosts Productivity

MasterPlanner CONNECT Edition is intended to enhance the process of creating schedules and tables in MicroStation. Many organisations want to annotate master plans and sites. MasterPlanner helps you to annotate consistently and subsequently extract schedules and quantities.

MasterPlanner helps you and your draughting staff concentrate on production. It saves you time, and time is money. It saves draughting time. It saves draughting rework: MasterPlanner's capabilities save hours, days, or weeks compared to editing annotations manually. You can export MasterPlanner data in a variety of ways, including to a Microsoft Excel® workbook. You can pass identical information to your clients or contractors with no further editing.

MasterPlanner™ Licenses

MasterPlanner is licensed either for a number of computers on a network (a network license) or for an individual computer (a node locked license). A network license lets you use the software on a number of computers; a node locked license ties the software to a particular processor.

United Kingdom

MasterPlanner™ License Prices (net of tax) for the United Kingdom
No. Licenses Cost (ex VAT)
1 £149
5 £675
10 £1,200
20 £2,100
50 £4,875
100 £9,000

On-site Training 0.5 day £300 plus travel costs.

UK prices are net of value added tax (VAT) at the standard rate. Our VAT number is GB 609 7188 13. If you're not a UK customer, contact us with this enquiry form. Alternatively, our contact page has more ways to get hold of us.


MasterPlanner™ License Prices (net of tax) for the United States
No. Licenses Cost
1 US$250
5 US$915
10 US$1,575
20 US$2,700
50 US$6,190
100 US$11,370

On-site Training 0.5 day US$500 plus travel costs.


MasterPlanner™ License Prices (net of tax) for Australia
No. Licenses Cost
1 AUS$360
5 AUS$1,335
10 AUS$2,310
20 AUS$3,975
50 AUS$9,105
100 AUS$16,740

On-site Training 0.5 day AUS$800 plus travel costs.


MasterPlanner™ License Prices (net of tax) for Eurozone countries
No. Licenses Cost
1 €225
5 €825
10 €1,425
20 €2,695
50 €6,180
100 €11,365

On-site Training 0.5 day €500 plus travel costs.

Installation and Training

MasterPlanner™ is simple to set up and use but, as ever with new technology, a little training helps to get you started. Also, you may need help to adjust its settings correctly.

We will provide, subject to confirmation, a half-day on site installation & training at the cost shown above plus agreed travel costs. In the UK, the VAT will be added to the invoice at the current rate. Training must be pre-paid: ask for a pro-forma invoice. Typically we expect to work with your CAD administrator or IT consultant, who has an understanding of MicroStation, Excel, and your organisation's working practise.

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