Table Manager works with technology introduced with MicroStation CONNECT Update 16 to manage your DGN Tables.

Reports and Tables

Table Manager can save the list of tables as a file in one of several formats …

Reports Commands

HTML Report

Use the File|Save As|HTML menu (key-in TABLEMGR FILE SAVE HTML) to create an HTML (.htm) file of table data. A Web browser can open an HTML file and display its formatted contents. Here's an example …

Summary of 6 Tables in DGN model 'Tables 1'
DGN Model Data Source Date
Tables 1 ActiveModel 29 July 2021

DGN File: \\Asterix\DataDir\Bentley\CONNECT\LA Solutions\WorkSets\Table Manager\dgn\Tables 01.dgn

File:Model Table Name Table Description Table Size
Tables 01.dgn:Tables 1 Land Parcels A1 Created from MasterPlanner Report 5 x 17
Tables 01.dgn:Tables 1 Table 1 Named Table after editing 4 x 5
Tables 01.dgn:Tables 1 Table 2 Named Table 4 x 5
Tables 01.dgn:Tables 1 Table 4 Named Table after editing 4 x 5

XML Report

Use the File|Save As|XML menu (key-in TABLEMGR FILE SAVE XML) to create an XML file of table data. The information content of the XML file is identical to that shown above for the HTML report. In fact, the HTML file is created by transforming the XML file to HTML format.

CSV Report

Use the File|Save As|CSV menu (key-in TABLEMGR FILE SAVE CSV) to create a Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) file of table data. A CSV file contains the essential table data but lacks other information (such as DGN file name and creation date) available in XML or HTML …

\\Asterix\DataDir\Bentley\CONNECT\LA Solutions\WorkSets\Table Manager\dgn\Tables 01.dgn,Tables 1,Land Parcels A1,Created from MasterPlanner Report,3850,5,17,
\\Asterix\DataDir\Bentley\CONNECT\LA Solutions\WorkSets\Table Manager\dgn\Tables 01.dgn,Tables 1,Table 1,Named Table after editing,3887,4,5,
\\Asterix\DataDir\Bentley\CONNECT\LA Solutions\WorkSets\Table Manager\dgn\Tables 01.dgn,Tables 1,Table 2,Named Table,3888,4,5,

MicroStation Report

Use MicroStation's Analyze tools to create a MicroStation Report of table data. This article shows you how to create a Table Report.