MicroStation® created by Bentley Systems is a tool for designing, analysing, and presenting 3D models.

In the context of the Regression Analysis tool for MicroStation, Regression Analysis is the process of analysing numerous data points to construct some geometry. For example, a set of points might be interpreted as a line, circle, rectangle or some other entity.

Regression Analysis

Numerous books and web sites will provide more enlightenment about Regression Analysis.

Regression Analysis Overview

The Regression Analysis tool is an AddIn for MicroStation CONNECT. It enables you to analyse a set of points in 2D or 3D, and extract from that set some useful geometry.

You can select points for analysis using one of MicroStation's well-known idioms: a selection set or a fence.

The tool works by first computing (in 3D) a plane that is a best-fit to the points. It projects the chosen points to that plane for subsequent analysis. In 2D the points are, of course, already planar.

From the planar set of points, the tool attempts to calculate a best-fit geometry.

Regression Analysis Tools

The Regression Analysis tool works in a 2D or 3D file. The method of use is …

  1. Select some points or place a fence in your DGN model
  2. Start your chosen tool
  3. Observe the result

Regression Analysis can create one of the following from your set of points …

  1. Line (line element)
  2. Circle (ellipse element)
  3. Plane
  4. Convex Hull (shape element)

How much is Regression Analysis?

There is little demand in the MicroStation customer base for a Regression Analysis tool. The prototype discussed here has not been made available as an off-the-shelf product. Please contact LA Solutions if you would like to purchase a license to use Regression Analysis.

License Terms

LA Solutions provides Regression Analysis software as is for MicroStation CONNECT. No warranty of fitness for purpose is provided. Use at your own risk.

You will not sell loan or copy Regression Analysis to any third-party. You will not purport Regression Analysis to be the intellectual property of any entity other than LA Solutions Ltd.

How to Obtain Regression Analysis

Visit the download page.