Getting Started with PipeTagger

PipeTagger™ is an AddIn or App that adds functionality to Bentley Systems MicroStation® CONNECT. It's a tool for architects, engineers, planners and technicians.

PipeTagger facilitates annotatation of areas

Once you've loaded PipeTagger, key-in command PIPE HELP DOCUMENT. That opens your default web browser at the PipeTagger web help page.

PipeTagger ToolBox

After installing PipeTagger its MicroStation toolbox becomes available. If you don't see that toolbox, consult your MicroStation administrator. You can open the toolbox using MicroStation key-in CUSTOMIZE OPEN TOOLBOX PipeTagger …

PipeTagger Tool Box

Each button in the toolbox starts one of PipeTagger's more commonly-used commands. To see all the commands available with PipeTagger, see the Command Table.

Looking at the toolbox screenshot above, here's a brief description of each tool, going from left to right.

Label Line

Tool Box: Label Line

Click this button to start annotating line elements. A line element is any non-closed shape such as a line or line-string. This includes MicroStation line elements, complex line strings, arcs and B-spline curves.

PipeTagger prompts you to choose a line. This operation is similar to other MicroStation tools that require you to identify an object. MicroStation's tool settings changes to show relevant dialog items. You can define …

Once you've adjusted the tool settings to your requirements, give a datapoint  to place the new label. This completes pipe annotation.

The current command remains active, waiting for you to label more lines.

Query Pipe

Tool Box: Query Pipe

Click this button to examine pipes, which are annotated line elements.

This tool lets you choose only those elements that have PipeTagger data attached.

Remove Item Data

Tool Box: Delete Item Data

PipeTagger prompts you to choose a pipe. The pipe must already be annotated with PipeTagger Item data. On confirmation, PipeTagger removes the Item data from the chosen element and deletes the annotation label.

Use the Label Line command if you want to annotate that line once again.

Create a Report

Tool Box: Create Report

This command starts MicroStation's Report utility.

Place a Table

Tool Box: Place Table

This command starts MicroStation's Create Table from Report utility.

Settings Dialog

See the Settings page.

Return to the PipeTagger main page

Return to the PipeTagger main page.