What is LowCostLabeller?

LowCostLabeller is an application that adds functionality to Bentley Systems MicroStation® CONNECT. It's a tool for architects, engineers, planners and technicians.

LowCostLabeller helps you label a line with its length. The length is a property of a DGN line or line-string element. The label updates automatically if you modify the line.

LowCostLabeller facilitates annotatation of lines

LowCostLabeller automates several steps that are repetitive and tedious by manual means …

Annotate DGN Lines

LowCostLabeller simplifies the task of labelling a line element with its length. By line element we mean many element types that have a Length or TotalLength property. That includes lines, line-strings, arcs and other DGN element types.

Length Labels

LowCostLabeller formats a label using a prefix, which you define, and the line's length. When you modify the line the label updates automatically …

LowCostLabeller facilitates annotatation of lines

Getting Started

Visit the installation page to read how to install LowCostLabeller.


Read the Commands section to see LowCostLabeller's key-in commands.


The LowCostLabeller is written using C++ and the MicroStationAPI. The source code is not published.

Download LowCostLabeller

Visit the download page to register your interest in LowCostLabeller and download the ZIP file.

License Terms

LA Solutions' LowCostLabeller is freeware. We grant you the right to use LowCostLabeller for whatever purpose private or commercial. We offer no warranty of fitness for purpose. Use at your own risk. As freeware, there is no formal support for LowCostLabeller.