FlexiTable™ CONNECT Edition

What is FlexiTable?

FlexiTable™ is an AddIn or App that adds functionality to Bentley Systems MicroStation®. It's a tool for architects, engineers, designers and planners. In some occupations it might be termed a Building Information Modelling (BIM) tool. FlexiTable CONNECT Edition works with MicroStation CONNECT Update 14 and later.

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FlexiTable harvests your DGN data and presents it in a FlexiTable worksheet. You can sort and filter the worksheet, export it to Microsoft Excel® and other formats, and place it as a MicroStation table in your DGN model.

What kind of data can I harvest using FlexiTable?

FlexiTable gathers data about various kinds of DGN objects. You can harvest data about DGN objects such as …

Area Features harvested by FlexiTable

The kind of data harvested depends on the nature of the DGN object. See the Harvesting and Worksheets pages for more detail.

What does FlexiTable do with Data?

If you're familiar with spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel™, then you will be immediately comfortable with FlexiTable's worksheets. FlexiTable puts DGN data into a worksheet. The columns in the worksheet depend on the kind of data you are harvesting. For example, all DGN elements belong to a DGN model in a DGN file and have a unique Element ID, so you will invariably see those data in a worksheet. Graphic elements belong to a MicroStation level that you see in a worksheet. Graphic elements have symbology, and you will see line weight, line style and colour in a worksheet.

You can save a worksheet to Excel (and other formats). You can place a worksheet as a MicroStation Table.

See the Worksheets page for more detailed information about Worksheets.


Some DGN objects lend themselves to aggregation. By that we mean, for example, counting the frequency of cell usage, or computing the total area of a number of shapes.

Cell Count

Some DGN objects lend themselves to aggregation. People often ask on the MicroStation Forum if there's a way to count cell instances. FlexiTable can create a worksheet of aggregate data for cells: it counts the frequency of each cell name used in a DGN model.

Numeric Aggregates

Some DGN objects lend themselves to numeric aggregation. For example, if you harvest area features you may want to know the total area. When FlexiTable harvests area features it computes the total area and total perimeter automatically, and places the results in the footer of the worksheet.

MicroStation Tables

You can use FlexiTable to create a Table from your worksheet. FlexiTable uses the data in the worksheet to populate a table of similar size.

Getting Started

Read the Getting Started section for a quick introduction to FlexiTable.


Read the Harvesting section to see details of FlexiTable's data acquisition capability. The Harvest menu is the starting point for data acquisition.


Read the Commands section to see FlexiTable's key-in commands. Usually, commands are invoked behind-the-scenes from a menu or button. The key-ins are available should you want to automate FlexiTable, perhaps from a MicroStation VBA macro.


Read the Worksheets section to see more about FlexiTable's worksheets.

Download FlexiTable

Visit the download page to register your interest in FlexiTable CONNECT Edition and download the installer.

License Terms

LA Solutions' FlexiTable™ CONNECT Edition is licensed software. When you first install FlexiTable™ we grant you automatically a 30-day evaluation license. To continue using FlexiTable™ after thirty days you must purchase a license. You may purchase one license, multiple licenses or a site license. Discounts are available for multiple license purchases.