What is BoM?

Literally, BoM is an acronym of Bill of Materials. In the context of Bentley Systems MicroStation®, BoM is an AddIn or App that adds functionality to MicroStation. It's a tool for architects, engineers, planners and technicians.

BoM facilitates annotatation of DGN objects

Annotate DGN Element

BoM simplifies the task of tagging a MicroStation DGN element. By tagging, we mean attaching BoM data to a MicroStation DGN element. BoM data is defined as a MicroStation Item Type. Once tagged, your element becomes a BoM Feature. A BoM Feature has both visible geometry and BoM data.

Label Elements

Design a label — an annotation cell — in your corporate style, and add SmartText where you want BoM data to be substituted. BoM automatically connects your data to the label's text fields. BoM labels BoM Features by updating text fields in your annotation cell.

Combined Tagging and Labelling

BoM lets you combine tagging and labelling. You identify an element, and it becomes an BoM Feature complete with label.

Report BoM Features

BoM harvests your data and presents it in a worksheet. You can sort and filter the worksheet, export it to Excel, and place it as a DGN table in your DGN model.

Search for BoM Features

You can search for BoM Features using BoM's Search tool. The search tool let's you find BoM Features tagged with matching data.

Categorise BoM Features

You can categorise BoM Features by adding them to a MicroStation Named Group. There is a number of MicroStation tools that work with Named Groups.

Getting Started

Read the Getting Started section for a quick introduction to BoM.


Read the Commands section to see BoM's key-in commands.

Download BoM

Visit the download page to register your interest in BoM CONNECT Edition and download the installer.

License Terms

LA Solutions' BoM™ CONNECT Edition is licensed software. When you first install BoM™ CONNECT Edition we grant you automatically a 30-day evaluation license. To continue using BoM™ CONNECT Edition you must purchase a license. You may purchase one license, multiple licenses or a site license. Discounts are available for multiple license purchases.