Downloading and Installing AreaAnnotator™ CONNECT Edition

AreaAnnotator™ CONNECT Edition is an AddIn or App that adds functionality to Bentley Systems MicroStation® CONNECT. It's a tool for architects, engineers, planners and technicians.

AreaAnnotator facilitates annotatation of areas

License Terms

LA Solutions' AreaAnnotator™ CONNECT Edition is licensed software. When you first install AreaAnnotator™ CONNECT Edition we grant you automatically a 30-day evaluation license. To continue using AreaAnnotator™ CONNECT Edition you must purchase a license. You may purchase one or more licenses. Discounts are available for multiple license purchases.

AreaAnnotator Version

The current version of AreaAnnotator CONNECT Edition is v10.08, matching MicroStation CONNECT Update 8.

If you are using MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 4 or earlier, then AreaAnnotator CONNECT Edition v10.08 will not work.

How to Obtain AreaAnnotator CONNECT Edition

Complete the AreaAnnotator request form to register your interest and obtain a link to the installation ZIP file.

AreaAnnotator CONNECT Edition is a new (2017…2018) evolving technology. The current release is built for MicroStation CONNECT Update 8 and later.

Example DGN Model

Here's a small DGN model for you to examine. It contains a single area feature that represents an office plan view. We've used AreaAnnotator to label the office …

AreaAnnotator example DGN model

Open the example DGN model with MicroStation CONNECT. Try using MicroStation's built-in tools to modify the shape. Note how the labels update automatically when you change the shape.

Install AreaAnnotator CONNECT Edition

Once you've downloaded the AreaAnnotator ZIP package you can install it. After installation, you may want to modify some details. Read these pages to learn more …