VBA Report Tool

AreaAnnotator™ CONNECT Edition is an AddIn or App that adds functionality to Bentley Systems MicroStation® CONNECT. It's a tool for architects, engineers, planners and technicians.

Area Feature Picker

The AreaAnnotator Pick & Report tool is a VBA project. It is designed to show how to extend the capabilities of AreaAnnotator using VBA. It has two functions …

  1. Let a user pick (choose) an Area Feature and show certain data
  2. Let a user generate a report of Area Features and optionally write those data to a CSV file

Area Feature Picker

The Area Feature Picker is a chooser tool. In VBA terminology, it Implements ILocateCommandEvents.

The locate tool checks whether an Area Feature (e.g. a shape element) has been tagged by AreaAnnotator. If so, it harvests certain information from that element and display it in the text boxes in the VBA UserForm …

Area Feature Picker showing element details

Maximum Length and Width

The Area Feature Picker tool harvests information not normally presented by MicroStation. You can see the maximum width and length of each Area Feature.

Area Feature Report

The Area Feature Report tool harvests information about all Area Features tagged by AreaAnnotator. It presents its results in the Area Feature Report dialog …

Area Feature Report dialog

The Create CSV button writes the same information to a CSV file.