AreaAnnotator: Alignment Tool

When you initially create annotations manually using AreaAnnotator's labelling tool, each label is placed where you want. Subsequently, you may find that the labels appear untidy. AreaAnnotator's alignment tool provides a simple way to move labels to a consistent position.

When you key-in command AREA ALIGN AreaAnnotator moves each label so that its origin lies left, right, top, bottom or in the centre of its host shape. At the same time the label's text justification is modified to match.

The position depends on AreaAnnotator's justification setting, which you can find in the dialogs for those commands where justification is appropriate …

Justification Choices

Here are examples of the result of invoking each AREA ALIGN command …

Bottom Alignment

Label having Bottom Alignment

Left Alignment

Label having Left Alignment

Middle Alignment

Label having Middle Alignment

Right Alignment

Label having Right Alignment

Top Alignment

Label having Top Alignment

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