TagWorks™ is the collective name of a product family of annotation tools. The TagWorks family includes …

Each application defines an Item Type appropriate to its domain, and provides DGN element tagging and reporting tools.

AreaAnnotator™ CONNECT Edition MasterPlanner™
AreaAnnotator logo MasterPlanner logo
DoorKeeper™ PipeTagger™
DoorKeeper logo PipeTagger facilitates annotatation of linear features

TagWorks Idioms

All TagWorks apps. have a common workflow …

Each TagWorks app. will annotate a certain type of MicroStation element. For example, AreaAnnotator will tag only area features (i.e. a shape or complex shape element); DoorKeeper will tag only cell elements.

TagWorks Tools

All TagWorks applications have in common …

Item Types

TagWorks applications use MicroStation CONNECT Item Types. Each app. defines for you an Item Type and a set of properties for that Item Type. When you tag a DGN element, the TagWorks app. creates an Item Type instance attached to that element. The instance includes the Item Type properties realised as data.

Once the Item Type instance has been created, the TagWorks app. creates a label. The data of each Item Type property is rendered as a DGN text element.