The MicroStationAPI and the MicroStation Development Library

The C++ development library for MicroStation CONNECT and later is the MicroStationAPI. The MicroStation Development Library (MDL) has been Bentley Systems' premier development kit for MicroStation since version 4 in 1993. With MicroStation XM, Bentley introduced the C++ MicroStationAPI.

There is no published printed material about the MicroStationAPI or MDL.

C++ and the Standard Library

There are plenty of books about C++. Many books cover the Standard Library, including its containers, algorithms and iterators. There are also plenty of websites that offer advice and help for C++ developers. You can see some on our links page.

Books about C++
Book Title Authors Publisher
A Tour of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup Addison-Wesley
Effective Modern C++ Scott Meyers O'Reilly
C++ Coding Standards Herb Sutter, Andrei Alexandrescu Addison Wesley

You should take a look at Boost. Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. There are libraries that make C++ easier to use. There are libraries that offer new programming models and algorithms. The Boost::Geometry library may be relevant to your programming challenges with MicroStation.

There are also several books about Boost.

Regular Expressions

There are plenty of books about regular expressions. For example …

Books about Regular Expressions
Book Title Authors Publisher
Introducing Regular Expressions Michael Fitzgerald O'Reilly
Mastering Regular Expressions Jeffrey Friedl O'Reilly

Computational Geometry

There are one or two other books that may be interesting to MicroStation developers, whether writing MDL, VBA, or C++ code. The Head First series published by O'Reilly, provide an introduction; Essential Mathematics for Computer Graphics is more formal, yet easy to digest, and Architectural Geometry is more heavyweight (literally) …

Books about Computational Geometry
Book Title Authors Publisher
Essential Mathematics for Computer Graphics John Vince Springer Verlag
Head First 2D Geometry Lindsey Fallow, Dawn Griffiths O'Reilly Media
Architectural Geometry Helmut Pottmann, Andreas Asperl, Michael Hofer, Axel Kilian Bentley Institute Press

MicroStation® Visual Basic for Applications™ (MVBA)

MVBA is Bentley Systems' adaptation of the Microsoft VBA toolkit. It provides a subset of Visual Basic™ (VB) functionality and is similar to the VBA implementations in Microsoft Word™, Excel™ and applications from third-parties. A MicroStation installation includes a VBA Help file.

Bentley have published a book about MicroStation VBA …

Books about MicroStation VBA
Book Title Authors Publisher
Learning MicroStation VBA Jerry Winters Bentley Institute Press

Excel VBA Programming

I'm not providing an Excel VBA tutorial here: there are plenty of developers' web sites that can help you. There are also text books for Excel VBA programmers, such as …

Books about Excel VBA
Book Title Authors Publisher
Programming Excel with VBA and .NET Steve Saunders & Jeff Webb O'Reilly press
Writing Excel Macros with VBA Dr Steven Roman O'Reilly press